Los Angeles. L.A. City of Angels. La-La Land.

There are a lot of strong opinions (and nicknames) about my adopted home town of almost ten years, but the word that has always stuck with me is “Culture-less”. Honestly, I rode that bandwagon proudly at first. Frustrated about what I thought to be the lack of culture, I would bemoan endlessly to my friends and family back home that southern California was a waste land.

I was partly correct.

But mostly, I wasn’t.

What held me back was the fact I came from a culturally rich city, that embraced the arts, and intellectuals. People read books, not just magazines and tabloid sites. You can have actual conversations about world issues, politics, and not just what celebrity shenanigan was posted on social media.

I was wrong, Los Angeles.

I’m sorry.

You too, are filled with art, culture, intellects, eccentrics, raconteurs, and places that fill my mind with appreciation, love, and apology.

I want to make it up to you. I am going to prove to the rest of the world that they are wrong. And when they find out, you will be receiving more apologies.

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